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Worker SWIFT Blaster

Worker SWIFT Blaster

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PLEASE NOTE: Blasters can only be shipped to customers within the United States and Canada, we are no longer able to ship blasters to international customers.

INCLUDES THE NEW O-RING, MAG RELEASE AND DART GATE (These were updated after shipping the original). 

The Worker SWIFT blaster is Worker's latest complete blaster offering. We will carry a wide range of springs, barrels, SCARs, and more.  Includes a 10 round Talon mag.

- First generation Swift blasters will include a replacement dart gate that is more durable plastic than the pre installed one.  We recommend installing this part for best performance.  Metal upgrade dart gates sold separately. 

• Original design
• Stylized shell
• Includes 2 barrels 280mm and 368mm
• Includes 2 Springs 1.1 and 1.3
• 100-150FPS out of the box. 
• Capable of 300FPS with upgrades
• Unique easy break down screws. Incredibly easy to service

• Material: ABS, Aluminum
• Dimensions:
• Weight: 7.75lbs (packaged)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Deadly accurate, when it works

I play an FPS-limited game, so I don't mind the lower velocity reported by other customers. At lower velocities the SWIFT shoots very accurately. I do, however, mind the near-constant double-feeding and squibs. I've tried different magazines and ammunition, with the same result. I have yet to fire a whole magazine without a malfunction. Overall, extremely disappointing for such an expensive blaster.

Awesome blaster!

I watched a few YT review videos and decided to order this blaster. I can honestly say I do not regret this purchase! Add the 1.6 spring and 550mm barrel upgrade and am consistently getting 330FPS! Throw a sight on top and this thing is a beast!

Othman a.
Needs work but hits hard

While it’s true this isn’t perfect out of the box with a little tuneup mines hitting 350 and I just ordered a longer 60cm barrel from spitfire products to hopefully hit 400+. Not only does this blaster preform it looks amazing too the pictures don’t do it justice.

Michael C.
It Functions… just not well.

Muzzle velocity is pretty lackluster. Even on the weakest spring and small barrel, it should be firing faster than my lower-powered Nightingale, which it doesn’t.

It’s expensive but I like it

200 fps ! I had marks all over me but I like it