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Worker Titanium Flywheel Cage Stryfe/Rapidstrike

Worker Titanium Flywheel Cage Stryfe/Rapidstrike

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The Worker Silver Flywheel Cage Stryfe/Rapidstrike is a standard straight cage that offers a high quality design.

• These are quieter than stock cages and perform better.
• CNC milled

• 42.5mm spacing
• 4x Motor mounting screws are included.
• These require some minor cutting to fit inside most blasters.
• CNC milled aluminum 

*Flywheels are not included.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Works great! With rubber dampers/spacers and bearing motors it's way quieter than my 3d printed builds. Don't forget a worker outer/inner barrel tube for accuracy.

Jacob S.

These titanium cages are great for reducing the sound of the motors. Fantastic build quality.

Cavan M.
Not for all people

This cage is extremely durable and fits perfectly into my 2s Stryfe! However, I feel like it is a little overkill for a more casual modder. This was my first electronic mod, and I bought this cage because it was on the parts list for the Stryfe Mod Guide on this website's blog. I feel like you could run similar power on a cheaper cage, and not have to drop this much money on a flywheel cage that you don't really need.

With that being said, I am not very experienced and have only used GavinFuzzy's 3D printed flywheel cages, so it is very possible that other cheaper options would not be sufficient for what I am running. (I believe Fang Revamped's?)

Therefore, whether or not I would recommend it is murky, as it depends on your situation.

Evan S.
Solid cage

These cages are nice and solid. Great for mid-level power builds.

David B.
Feels and looks great, well designed.

Superior to any 3d printed cage. Absolutely would buy this product again, worked for my needs and feels like it will last forever.