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Worker Triad EX-3 5kg Spring

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The Worker Triad EX-3 5kg Spring will help to increase your range and speed in your blaster.  Works well with the N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3.

• 5kg Rated
• Material: Stainless Steel
• Weight: 70g

Customer Reviews

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William S.
Worked perfectly for my Blitzfire upgrade.

Had to increase the catch spring force, but other then that it is now shooting stefans like lasers. The only thing I could ever want for it now is a t-pull. This is a great spring, the shipping was also great.

Brody E.

The spring worked just as intended. Seeing the reviews I was doubting that it would increase my performance, but it made it MUCH better! I had an old Elite white Triad EX-3, and it wasn't working to good so I grabbed this replacement/upgrade spring. Performance was at least 5-10 FPS better. I used grey waffle head darts from this site. Thank you!

Works As Intended

I was initially skeptical about this spring based on other reviews, but upon installation, it seems to work as intended. I installed it into a Triad XD (white body with blue accents) with no other mods, and tested it with Adventure Force waffle darts.

The stock spring returned an average of 62 FPS over 30 shots (10 per barrel). With the 5kg installed, the average jumped to 69 FPS (an 11% increase), with quite a few shots in the mid 70s. The 5kg spring is a bit shorter than the stock spring, bit it fits snugly and doesn't rattle.

All in all, the performance increase isn't overwhelming, but it works as advertised and does bring the blaster up to useable velocities. No complaints here.

Brendan K.
Lower/comparable performance to the stock spring

Unfortunately, I have not had a great experience with this spring in my triad ex-3. The spring is slightly shorter than the stock spring, yet the spring tension seemed comparable to it as well, meaning the overall strength would be lower.

Modification was a simple spring upgrade with no additional work. When firing, the catch feels less crisp, and it also seems to have lost some range and velocity when firing over several times. I switched back to the stock spring and seem to have slightly higher performance and accuracy.

If there are additional modifications required to gain the full potential of this spring, none were provided and I'm not sure why the stock spring wouldn't benefit in the same way. Overall was disappointed with this spring and might look into other options when it comes to upgrading the triad.

Doesn't fit

Spring is too wide to fit within the piston head