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Worker Type E AK Series Muzzle / Flash Hider (Threadless)

Worker Type E AK Series Muzzle / Flash Hider (Threadless)

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This decorative muzzle / flash hider by Worker is part of the Type E AK Series and features an aluminum alloy design with a matte-look for aesthetics. This muzzle is threadless and is not compatible with threaded suppressors. Compatible with 19mm diameter tubes, this design is decorative only and does not affect sound or performance. This flash hider / muzzle is threadless design and won't fit into threaded suppressors. 

• Decorative flash hider
• Doesn't improve performance or sound
• Compatible with 19mm diameter tube

• Material: Aluminum alloy
• Dimensions:
• Weight: 45g
• Model: W0171


Worker Smooth Barrel Tube:

Worker Threaded Barrel Tube:


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