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XYL KM9 Unicorn 1.7 X 135 MM Upgrade Spring

XYL KM9 Unicorn 1.7 X 135 MM Upgrade Spring

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This 1.7mm wire thickness upgrade spring will increase your XYL Unicorn blaster's performance.

Average FPS (standard deviation)
• with stock 160mm barrel - 149 (3)
• with 250mm barrel - 160 (9)

• Upgraded spring
• Improves performance with the stock barrel
• 2nd from the highest spring we carry for the XYL Unicorn

• Dimensions: 1.7 x ~135mm x 21mm
Material: Spring Steel

XYL Unicorn Blaster
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
It technically works.

The first thing I noticed was that the spring was ¾" longer than the stock spring. I installed it and it chronographed at over 180 FPS. The only way I could get it down to the advertised FPS was to gradually cut off 1¾ of the spring. I don't know what happened between the initial testing by Out of Darts and shipping but I did not get what I was expecting. It will do what the description says but only by removing enough of the spring to take off all pre-compression.

Hi Eric,
Thanks for your review! We use a 20-shot average to get the numbers listed for any of our products. Our chronograph is a Caldwell G2 with a dedicated lighting kit. We use this in a 'dark tunnel' to completely eliminate any other lighting outside of the dedicated lighting on the unit. We also use fresh Worker HE standardweight darts.

In our testing of a dozen different chronographs, we've found this to be the most reliable chronograph. Your milleage may vary, as each chronograph can yield different results. Chronograph readings can also be affected by temperature, humidty, dart age

tyler c.

XYL KM9 Unicorn 1.7 Upgrade Spring

Tyler b.

XYL KM9 Unicorn 1.7 Upgrade Spring