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XYL KM9 Unicorn Blaster

XYL KM9 Unicorn Blaster

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PLEASE NOTE: Blasters can only be shipped to customers within the United States and Canada; are no longer able to ship blasters to international customers.

The XYL Unicorn Blaster is the newest entry into the super-stock foam blasting world. This ultra-compact springer features slam-fire, two priming options, and a talon-compatible magwell.

*To use with Koda Mags, modification is required to the blaster's dart guide.

• Includes 1.6 spring, perfect for super-stock games
• Average FPS (standard deviation) with included spring and barrel : 138 (5)
• Quick tear-down with two pins
• Talon-compatible magwell
• Durable nylon and Metal construction
• All-metal internals, including a metal sear, trigger box, plunger tube
• Ultra-compact primary
• Full-gas High-performance plunger tube (no slot)
• Pump-action and top prime at the same time!
• Slam-fire
• Prime return spring included

• Material: Nylon, ABS, Steel
• Weight: 2.2kg (full kit weight)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews

Very sturdy and shoots hard but screws come loose and darts are cheap


Overall, the blaster is really well made and performs well. The collapsible stock got worn out in about three months but the adapter piece lets you add a new stock

Sebastien C.
Pretty great blaster!

My partner and I got each unicorns for Christmas, and we’ve been pretty stoked. Although the factory spring is a bit too weak to reliably shoot leading brand half darts, the 1.8 upgrade springs I got from OOD fixed that issue and then some. Now these things hit hard as **** and are pretty accurate especially with a simple PCAR on the stock barrel. My partner’s works flawlessly. Mine had a few small issues but Luke took care of that right away, so the blaster falls just shy of 5 stars for me, but the OOD level of quality service definitely does not fall short. Absolutely 5 star service! Definitely will keep buying from this awesome company!

The little monster that could (do everything).

The first thing I noticed before even opening the box way the weight. This thing is a beast. Even with the compact size it is a lot heavier than I expected. During the initial body assembly I dropped the upper body. At first I was concerned I would break it. Once it landed I was concerned it would break my floor. After some test firing I noticed something unusual. The manufacturing tolerances on the blaster are remarkably tight. With the exception of the takedown pin hooks and the magazine spring there was zero rattle whatsoever in the body of the blaster. I did have to mill out one of the rail **** holes to get the top rail mounted but it was nothing a drill bit and elbow grease couldn't fix. Putting it through it's paces I am astounded by the power and accuracy I have gotten in such a small package. Add in the slam fire feature and thre is nothing this blaster won't do. There is some lateral wiggle in the stock at full extension but that is not surprising given the design. Otherwise it locks into place tightly and hasn't slipped once. If you're looking for a blaster that can to do a bit of everything I can't recommend this enough.

Christopher J.

XYL KM9 Unicorn Blaster