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XYL KM9 Unicorn Blaster

XYL KM9 Unicorn Blaster

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The XYL Unicorn Blaster is the newest entry into the super-stock foam blasting world. This ultra-compact springer features slam-fire, two priming options, and a talon-compatible magwell.

*To use with Koda Mags, modification is required to the blaster's dart guide.

• Includes 1.6 spring, perfect for super-stock games
• Average FPS (standard deviation) with included spring and barrel : 138 (5)
• Quick tear-down with two pins
• Talon-compatible magwell
• Durable nylon and Metal construction
• All-metal internals, including a metal sear, trigger box, plunger tube
• Ultra-compact primary
• Full-gas High-performance plunger tube (no slot)
• Pump-action and top prime at the same time!
• Slam-fire
• Prime return spring included
• Minor assembly required (2 pins, 4 screws)

• Material: Nylon, ABS, Steel
• Weight: 2.2kg (full kit weight)

• Compatible Standard Talon Magazines

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Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews

A amazing blaster really good quality amazing to handle and would recommend this fires way better than anything I had and very durable

Amazing Blaster :)

I've had this blaster for a few weeks now and have put it through plenty of testing. The performance is good, and it's on par with most other hobby-grade blasters on the market (stock). I haven't tested it with any other springs, but with some basic mods, I was able to increase the fps by a decent amount. The blaster has a good weight to it, not too heavy or too light, and the material feels high-quality and durable. This is a great blaster, possibly the best this year, considering the price, size, and quality. I would definitely recommend getting one.
(Also some of the best customer service. The safety had some issues staying in position, and they made sure to send me a replacement immediately)

Love it!

Love the feal and heft of the metal body, shoots great and has universal rail attachments so I added a sick red dot sight!

Gary O.
Such a Blast(er)! I'm sorry...

My Unicorn is so much fun! I upgraded to metal internals and a longer barrel and this thing hits the mark every time! It makes the Unicorn feel even more solid than it already was! Only issue I found is that the stock darts it comes with don't work with the upgrades -- I'm guessing the tolerances are too tight -- but I have plenty of Worker Gen3's so no problems there. And even with the additional upgrades, it's still a bargain! Highly recommended!

J. D.
Nice Piece

I like how well made it is and it can be adapted to higher power with the available upgrade parts.