Value MOSFET Mini Board
Value MOSFET Mini Board

Value MOSFET Mini Board

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The Out of Darts Value MOSFET board offers a lot of bang for your buck! 

*A note about motor and MOSFET ratings; Our community often overestimates motor current ratings, as many of these are done on paper. Stall current is extremely brief. Because of this, we have rated each of these MOSFET products by the number of motors they can support. We warranty them for this use, rather than giving specific ratings.

• Designed by Out of Darts
• For use in all build types
• Compatible with all cages I sell
• Compatible with Jupiter

• Rated for any pair (2) of 130-sized motors we sell.
• Heavier 2oz copper
• XT-60 solder on connector for easier swapping of cages, wheels, etc.
• Dimensions: 13 x 13MM

• Optional switch terminal wiring (allows for plug on board connection)

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