Value MOSFET Mini Board
Value MOSFET Mini Board

Value MOSFET Mini Board

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The Out of Darts Value MOSFET board offers a lot of bang for your buck! 

*A note about motor and MOSFET ratings; Our community often overestimates motor current ratings, as many of these are done on paper. Stall current is extremely brief. Because of this, we have rated each of these MOSFET products by the number of motors they can support. We warranty them for this use, rather than giving specific ratings.

• Designed by Out of Darts
• For use in all build types
• Compatible with all cages I sell
• Compatible with Jupiter

• Rated for any pair (2) of 130-sized motors we sell.
• Heavier 2oz copper
• XT-60 solder on connector for easier swapping of cages, wheels, etc.
• Dimensions: 13 x 13MM

• Optional switch terminal wiring (allows for plug on board connection)


Customer Reviews

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Evan Simonson
Easy to install mosfet

It's a must have for high current motors if you can't use high current switches

Easy to use, but requires careful soldering

This is a TINY pcb. It's smaller than your thumbnail, for instance. So, soldering is a bit tricky, so be prepared to do some rework or to use a very narrow tip.

The motor and battery wiring holes take 18awg wire at the largest (26awg for the switch wires), and when tinning, be sure to no have any extra blobs on the wire else you may have trouble getting the wire through the hole. Use through-hole techniques and clean off the extra length afterwards with flush cutters.

Once wired up, however, this works as advertised.

I'm using it in my Spectrum in order to avoid cutting up the interior of my grip as I don't have a dremel. I'm running 2 FRVs with this, and have no complaints.

I love that the small package means this can fit even in places a traditional MOSFET kit couldn't.

David Ellis
Tiny, but FIERCE!

I used one of these to act as the nexus for my wire setup in my Dart Zone Spectrum build using a Derezzed kit with Fang ReVamps and I used the JST connectors linked at the bottom to connect to the switch. Of course, I was using the Megillah Cage and Twilight Wheels, so I used 16 gauge wire in case I wanted to go nuts, void my warranty, and drop in a 3s LiPO at some point. This was a mistake, and I should have stuck to 2s only and 18 gauge wire, because these mini-mosfets are literally the size of my fingernail, and getting a good solder point required some fine work that was incredibly stressful trying to connect 16 gauge wire into the points. But I got it done, and underneath my battery tray is a perfectly placed connection of wire, with an XT-60 connector that perfectly slips into the battery tray with no complications. The Value Mini-MOSFET board is just amazing for planning a simple circuit, especially if you're a garbage hobbyist electrician like me.

As a sidenote though: I did connect the JST connector to a 21 Amp Microswitch instead of the stock switch, because the Spectrum literally fits it with a few quick cuts and a tiny bit of epoxy, and I needed that sweet, sweet click. It worked just fine, and because I could place the board anywhere in the blaster, it was more than close enough for the JST connector to reach. I've got another laying around: I don't know what I'll use it for yet, but you can bet I'll be using it for something fun.

Amazing board that adds Speed.

This small sized mosfet board plus 20awg wire easily fit in the stryfe and added 16fps using the stock motor and flywheel using 2 IMR Windyfire 14500 batteries(highest output 14500 available). I was able to achieve 106 fps adding this mosfet board from the previously 90 fps from just the battery upgrade. Easy to solder, well built, no need to replace switches to higher current, this mod is a no brainer that adds speed and welcomes any future upgrades.

As advertised

Mini is no stretch of the truth, these are absolutely TINY!

Fantastic if space is absolutely an issue... But the fine motor skills to solder this properly are well beyond my own.

Good for specific scenarios, otherwise I'd much prefer wiring a traditional MOSFET.