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Adventure Force Nexus Pro + Max Stryker FPS Tuning Cap (3 Choices)

Adventure Force Nexus Pro + Max Stryker FPS Tuning Cap (3 Choices)

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The Adventure Force Nexus Pro and Max Stryker are two of the most incredible blasters to hit the hobby! These Adventure Force Nexus Pro + Max Stryker FPS Tuning Caps allow you to increase and decrease FPS on various springs by modifying the pre-compression length on your spring. Ratings are based on actual chronograph readings with the stock spring. Select your FPS choice at checkout. 

*Please note: Using the 175 FPS cap with an upgraded spring is not recommended and may damage the blaster!*

*Please do not store your blaster with the 175 FPS cap installed!*


• Compatible with Nexus Pro (ORANGE) and Max Stryker.
For the painted Nexus, choose these caps.

• Includes 1x FPS cap
• Easily tune your FPS for various setups, games, etc
• Available in options for 100 FPS, 130 FPS, and 175 FPS averages *

*FPS ratings were chronographed with the stock spring; our stock Nexus Pro averaged 143 FPS.
Note: Lower FPS variants (100/130) will have a larger standard deviation (variation between shots). This is due to the air volume and barrel drag. The highest FPS variant has shown to have the lowest standard deviation, even an improvement on the stock compression!*

• Multiple sizes available: 100 FPS, 130 FPS, and 175 FPS average
• .2oz weight
• 3D-printed
• PLA galaxy black (wonderful accent to the stock black)


Nexus Pro / Max Stryker Tuning Spring
Special Edition Nexus Tuning Caps
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We print primarily with Proto-Pasta HTPLA and PLA. Check out our full range of colors here.

3D printed parts should not be left inside hot cars or excessively hot environments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Casey C.
Simple install

Simple install, very noticeable performance increase.

Mark R.
Fast shipping and fast customer service

FPS cap is a perfect fit on my nexus pro and print quality is amazing.

175FPS Cap

I went big because I didn't want to go home. The product offers my Stryker a significant boost to FPS. Prime is slightly tougher, but not overly so.
Please note that this product is very difficult to put on at first. It gets smoother with time. I suggest twisting the cap on and off the blaster a few times ~without~ the spring inserted to break it in. After it's loose you'll have a much easier time putting it on over the spring. After some use it is very easy to switch out the caps. I still use the stock cap for storage to avoid unnecessary stress on the blaster.

Nexus Pro Tuning Caps are great!

They are well designed and are a cheap way to increase fps. Also, it is super easy to switch between them for different ranges.

Cy H.

Awesome product!