Adventure Force Nexus Pro + Max Stryker FPS Tuning Cap (3 Choices)
Adventure Force Nexus Pro + Max Stryker FPS Tuning Cap (3 Choices)
Adventure Force Nexus Pro + Max Stryker FPS Tuning Cap (3 Choices)
Adventure Force Nexus Pro + Max Stryker FPS Tuning Cap (3 Choices)
Adventure Force Nexus Pro + Max Stryker FPS Tuning Cap (3 Choices)

Adventure Force Nexus Pro + Max Stryker FPS Tuning Cap (3 Choices)

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The Adventure Force Nexus Pro and Max Stryker are two of the most incredible blasters to hit the hobby! These tuning caps allow you to increase and decrease FPS on various springs by modifying the pre-compression length on your spring. Ratings are based on actual chronograph readings with the stock spring. Select your FPS choice at checkout. 

*Please note, using the 175FPS cap with an upgraded spring is not recommended and may damage the blaster!*

*Please do not store blaster with 175FPS cap installed!*


• Compatible with Nexus Pro (ORANGE) and Max Stryker. For the painted Nexus, choose these caps.
• Includes 1x FPS cap
• Easily tune your FPS for various setups, games, etc
• Available in 100FPS, 130FPS, and 175FPS
• FPS ratings are with the stock spring, using a 20-dart average. Our stock blaster/spring tested at 143FPS using this method

*Note: lower FPS variants (100/130) will have a larger standard deviation (variation between shots). This is due to the air volume and barrel drag. The highest FPS variant has shown to have the lowest standard deviation, even an improvement on the stock compression!*

• Multiple sizes available: 100FPS, 130FPS, and 175FPS average
• .2oz weight
• 3D printed
• PLA galaxy black (wonderful accent to the stock black)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Estuardo J.

They work great!. They are a great way to change FPS quickly!

Bob W.
Max Stryker Tuning Cap

It is fantastic being able to adjust the power down so I can play with family who don’t have modified blasters and easily replace the stock cap to still be competitive with friends.

Cody M.
Great attachment at a good price

Really easy to install and uninstall and the cross compatibility with two very good customizable blasters makes this a no brainer attachment for any competitive nerfer for sure. Definitely recommend this with complete confidence 👍

An V.
Works well (175fps caps, ordered 2)

Shipping was fairly quick and packaging was good, nothing to complain or point out

The tuning caps themselves have pretty good print quality with little to no inconsistencies between the 2 I ordered. However, It might be a little difficult to put on and was fairly difficult to remove from my Stryker without pinching myself. Once it was in though it was locked in well, about the same fit as the stock cap. I was skeptical about the fit since this is screw-less and 3d printed, so it being able to hold back that pre-compressed spring is very important and nice.
The look of it also looked pretty cool and flows pretty well with both the Nexus and Stryker’s color schemes.

As for the performance side it increases the fps of both my Stryker and Nexus by about 25-50fps. I didn’t do extensive testing on my chrono but it seems that there were slightly more inconsistencies with normal shots (150-180) but significantly less outlier shots (any shots under 130). It also seemed to improve the accuracy just by virtue of being more powerful.

Durability-wise I have not had a chance to test it extensively but it seems well built and didn’t scuff when I accidentally dropped it and screwed it on and off a couple times. I do have to mention I’m not confident about the durability of the piece that juts out and locks into the nexus though.

Overall I would still recommend buying this. Even though this is more expensive than the spacer it also beefs up your performance higher and has a better consistency than from what I experience with spacers. Huge praise to Luke/OOD for pioneering things like this for our hobby.

David G.
Nexus Pro Front Rail Cover

The FPS Tuning Caps are perfect for adjusting the FPS, but the only critique is I wish there was an insert on the rail for the lock screw to avoid wearing out.