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Tachi High Power Short Dart Magazine Spring 5-pack

Tachi High Power Short Dart Magazine Spring 5-pack

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The Extra Long Short Dart Mag Dart Spring offers a dart spring for modders utilizing 3rd-party, 3D-printed mags. We use these in our High Power Tachi Mags, but they can also be cut down and utilized with third-party 3D-printed mags.

 5x extra-long Short Dart Mag Spring
• Compatible with most 3D-printed third-party mags

• Material: Steel

29-Round Tachi Magazines

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bart S.
phenomenal spring for 3D printed mags

I have bought 5 of these springs to put into mags I 3D print at home. When cut in half the pieces are the equivalent length of two 15 round mags. the spring has enough pre-compressioon to feed smoothy into my Nexus pro and Cynthia. the mags can conveniently be printed on my Ender 3's print bed which just makes for a efficient product with no waste.

I found a really great talon mag design that prints easily and fits the spring splendidly.

It's good to see springs like this for a small price so that hobbyist can do whatever they want with them. products like this one support ingenuity, creativity, and progress within the community.

Nicole F.

Tachi High Power Short Dart Mag Spring (for 3rd party, 3D-printed mags)

Works as advertised

Bought these to use in 18 round 3D printed thalhons (I think that’s what they’re called, they’re on thingiverse) I cut them to the length I needed and they work great, smooth consistent feeding. Only thing to watch out for is the spring being a little to wide in some dimensions to fit certain magazines, I tried them in 3D printed and name brand katanas and they barely fit.

Koen K.
Works great with over-extended talons

I use the springs for my curved talons with +6 talon extenders. Looks great, works well!