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Gameface Trion Blaster

Gameface Trion Blaster

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The Gameface Trion blaster is the latest offering from Crossman Brands. It's a new entry in the hobby-grade blaster space, with creature comforts that usually require additional mod parts included out of the box. An affordable, versatile high-power blaster. 

PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer able to ship any blaster to international customers (beyond the USA or Canada).

• New game-changing springer from Gameface Brands. 
• Multiple FPS spring spacers included for maximum compatibility
• Sleek styling
• Lightweight
• Buffer-tube compatible stock 

• Material: ABS
• Dimensions:
• Weight:

• Trion SCAR Barrel
Talon 15-round magazines
• Tachi Magazines


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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
bryan l.
Phenomenal entry level blaster with some intrinsic flaws

Hard-to-beat combination of quality, value, and what's inside. Excellent introductory blaster for those entering/re-entering the hobby, relatively inexpensive, great barometer for a foam flinger to decide if they're ready to spend more money on a higher quality blaster, but more than good enough to be used competitively long-term. Airsoft/real steel furniture attachment points on the blaster make it extraordinarily customizable, something that as of 2023 is unique to it

It does have one major con, and that is the included magazine isn't great - the spring that pushes the darts upward sometimes fails to line up top dart with breech cavity when its at or near full capacity, so when this happens and the priming handle is pushed forward, the bottom of the dart tip will catch the bottom edge of the breech and the dart will crumple and become ruined. Happened to two of the 15 included darts. Worker Talon magazines mitigate this problem altogether but that is extra money to be spent

While it's far from perfect and is outclassed by its contemporaries like the Worker Harrier and Dart Zone Pro Mk 4, it's hard to find a better package for the money, superb blaster for getting into or back into flinging foam

Twiggy F.
Wonderful blaster

For it's price range, you just can't beat the Trion's performance. A word of warning, it is prone to jamming issues when new due to the catch mechanism. This can be fixed by slam firing a few hundred times, or manually shaving down the bottom of the inside lip of the catch. Once it's broken in though it performs beautifully and is competitive ready right out of the box. Definitely recommend.

Len C.
Great blaster and great value!

Admittedly this was my first blaster outside the realm of Nerf products (both dart and rival). So from that perspective I can say this is stepping up into a whole new level. Right out of the box I could see this was going to outperform anything I had prior - and once you start shooting stepping up the spring for the higher FPS it is really something. I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend a BCAR muzzle attachment. (I'll assume SCARs do well also). Makes a significant accuracy difference. With the stock gun and that you are really good to go. A secondary suggestion is to swap out the angled foregrip for a vertical grip. Definitely feels much better. I personally didnt feel the need to change the stock, etc. Works fine for me. Again, I think this is a great way to step up without breaking the bank.


Amazing! Looks good on my wall of modded/custom blasters.I have found a place on Etsy that sells modded spacers that can get up to 230 FPS. I'm not getting those due to worry about the hardware not being able to handle that much power.
I wish that there were more ways to mod it though.

Excellent preformance*

The blaster is of solid construction and very comfortable to use. I would consider it the best available platform for my intended use.

The only issue i had, which is common is the trigger catching. When i took the blaster apart for a paint job a small stretch to the catch spring solved the issue. Now it's flawless.

I also purchased a scar barrel from OoD and am very pleased with the addition

Big shout out to the OoD team for their excellent customer service.