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Sabre Apex Prime Blaster Kit

Sabre Apex Prime Blaster Kit

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The Sabre Apex Prime Blaster Kit is the newest high-end blaster from Sabre. Its robust aluminum body and large plunger volume make it capable of extremely high FPS, and linear bearings assist in a buttery smooth prime. The blaster can accept any Picatinny foregrip and is compatible with Airsoft AEG AR-style grips (not included)

*Blaster is shipped as an unassembled kit*

• Ultra-high performance springer
• Aluminum body

• Metal internals
• Toolless spring and barrel swaps!

• Linear bearings for a smooth prime
• Easily capable of 300+ FPS

• 1 Sabre Apex Prime blaster kit (requires assembly)
• 1 14kg spring
• 1 580mm barrel
• Full top rail
• Modular aluminum string SCAR (requires assembly)
• Simple removable stock

* Note: Foregrips and main Grip are not included!

Average FPS (Standard Deviation)
• 265 (6) with included spring and barrel

• Material: Aluminum body
• Weight:

• Compatible Standard Talon Magazines
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
apex prime review

it is a really solid blaster but make sure u use lock tight on everything...... priming handle need to be red lock. It is a pretty heavy blaster but it is also a really accurate blaster .....

Near pinnacle of dart blasters but not for everyone

The Apex Prime is incredible. Its aluminum and steel construction give it a solidity largely unmatched. Performance-wise, where other blasters are hitting their peak this one's just getting started.

Internally, it's a straightforward but robust design derived from the Sabre M20. There's no flex whatsoever and the prime is smooth. That said, it isn't perfect. The trigger wobbles and has a lot of overtravel. The former is easily fixed, but the latter less so. I also really dislike the lack of trigger guard. Additionally, Worker mags with their rounded feed lips rub against the sides of the mag well. Running mags with flat sides, like Unicorns or Tachis, eliminates that issue.

Regarding serviceability, while barrel and spring swaps are easy, replacing o-rings will require a fair bit of disassembly. One half of the shell needs to be removed and once you're familiar it goes quick, but it's still more effort than it should be. Speaking more broadly, one advancement the hobby really needs is quick takedowns like we see in the real steel world.

As for assembly, the process wasn't difficult but the instructions were poor. No size specs were provided for screws and there's at least one missing step. Sabre support on Discord is fantastic but they really should update those instructions.

Now, I can understand why people are aghast at the price, especially with some of the issues I've described. As a comparison, the Worker Harrier is a fantastic blaster that offers good performance and 75% of the experience for less than half the price.

However, the qualities that justify the Apex's price tag become immediately evident when handling it. The experience it offers is unmatched outside of high end blasters pushing $1,000. The cold steel heft is immensely satisfying and the complete lack of flex even with a hefty spring is impressive. It's a blaster that can be run hard with confidence.

True, it's a niche blaster but for those seeking this sort of thing they'll come away very happy. Despite the criticism I'm a huge fan.

Chris P.
Apex Prime

Heavy blaster but great only as a sniper. I wanted it for ultimate performance and durability which this delivers. If I was to play in a game, I would prefer the Harrier or the Nexus pro X, depending on FPS limits. The apex prime trigger is my real gripe. It transmits to much vibrations so I had to make a custom rubber boot to fit over it.

William S.
Apex Prime - The Apex of Hubris

This is the shiniest and prettiest, coolest looking blaster I have every seen. It's also one of the worst. For this much money I expect a blaster that is out of the protype phase.
Cool looking piece for the wall. yep, shoots a zillion fps. The UX design person who let this thing out of the factory should be fired. Every review I have seen of this is singing it's praises but I think that's because people are blinded by the name and the fact that they spent so much money. The truth is that it is poorly designed and not particularly good. Trigger guard... nah, Grip mount is atrocious, Mag well too tight and not flared, 30 different kinds of screws, terrible build instructions, mag release ergonomics, front grip mount too far back to not slam your hand into the mag, two misaligned off the shelf pic rails from some other thing, it comes with a terrible outdated SCAR barrel attachment and the worst of all... the stock mount is AWEFUL. sure it's pretty... but wait until you played a few games and tell me how much you appreciate the fancy new scratch magnet. $475 stock, MIN $100 to make it usable at all.
For this much money and effort this is probably one of the WORST blasters you can buy. Don't be blinded by the shiny, this thing is terrible.
All of this stuff has been figured out for years if not decades on other foam blasters, airsoft and even real steel. There is absolutely no excuse for these design choices at this point. It's lazy and wasteful and honestly, insulting.

Hi William,
Thanks so much for this brutally honest feedback. We're working with Sabre to improve quality control, and we're also filming our own tutorial in house.

I have to say that we completely agree with the majority of your feedback, and I think this will be helpful to customers who are on the fence. This blaster is in a league of it's own in build materials and performance, but this has come with a ton of downsides.

Do let us know if you'd prefer to return this, we're happy to take a return at any time. Should you need any replacement parts, don't hesitate to ask.

John R.C.
Excellent Blaster poor instructions and fit tolerances

The blaster is amazing, I absolutely love the performance of it. The only poor thing is the stock. But regardless, the instructions were missing parts of the assembly process, such as the priming block assembly, and it doesn't state the spring size to be used in the catch mechanism. It took me about 30 minutes to get the plunger tube into the front block using my full body weight did not work (im 200 pounds) i had to use a mallet to get it in. The two metal blocks around the breach did not fit perfectly because the stopper that goes between it is not the exact size, theres a lot of small stuff like that which shouldn't occur at that price point. But yet despite that i do really love the blaster and recommend it.

Hi John,
Thanks so much for your great feedback. We're working with Sabre to improve issues as they come, but this first batch was definitely not at the level we'd like to see it.