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SLAB - 3D Parts + Hardware Kit

SLAB - 3D Parts + Hardware Kit

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PLEASE NOTE: Fully Assembled blasters can only be shipped to customers within the United States and Canada, we are no longer able to ship blasters to international customers. We are able to ship the DIY kit internationally.

The SLAB is an awesome blaster with a Lever Action prime and makes for a powerful primary in any Nerf game. This 3d printed blaster kit includes all of the hardware and 3d printed parts to build a SLAB, Including a Trivictus Mega XL Silly SCAR for your blaster.  This kit includes the Large Lever option, to allow for gloves or padding to be added, and the bottle-nose Sling cap with Long plunger rod.

Choose optional assembly to have the Out of Darts team assemble your blaster for you.

• Smooth Lever Action Prime
• Stainless Steel 4-40 screws
• Includes Trivictus Mega XL Silly SCAR
• Designed by Sillybutts
• Licensed and Authorized by Sillybutts

• Material: Printed PLA plastic, Aluminum, Steel, Brass

Hardware kit for DIY
Talon Magazines
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We print primarily with Proto-Pasta HTPLA and PLA. Check out our full range of colors here.

3D printed parts should not be left inside hot cars or excessively hot environments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Selim D.
Not dummy-proof, but very satisfying

In terms of the actual parts, they were as high quality as I expected given the price. Everything slotted in correctly and the final product is very satisfying to use the 95% of the time it works (see below). If you're following Sillybutts' build tutorial (which is nearly five months old as of me writing this) you can appreciate how the printed parts' designs were changed over time to be even easier to build.

Mine's not entirely perfect, but I am sure that is because of issues in my build specifically. It doesn't always prime consistently, and that's annoying because when it fails then I have to drop the magazine or risk jamming the chamber re-priming it. I'm sure it's just an issue with how I installed the plunger release piece near the front of the blaster, so just be careful if installing it yourself. Maybe sand its sides down a bit and add something to keep it tilted away from the plunger when you're not pulling the trigger.

Andi A.
A totally satisfying build!

I ordered this and was concerned due to my being in Indonesia. However, the great team at Out of Darts helped ensure that the product arrived safely to me!

After assembling the kit (roughly 3 hours), I get to hold in my hand one of the most amazing and cool blasters out there. Definitely my favorite blaster!

Joe l.
Worth the Money and Nice People

I love this blaster, everything about it is perfect. The quality, the design, comfort, accuracy, and power is just amazing. When you have this in your hands, you feel like a badass.
One thing to note is, when you first get this, you want to have glue meant only for plastic. My mag well broke because of this. Part of it is that it was a weaker part and I used super glue on the plunger tube. By the glue they recommend. Also luke and the creator of this blaster fixed and tuned it for me, my dad drove it up to their ware house, they gave me an upgraded mag well, reconstructed the whole blaster, glued the plunger tube with the right glue, gave me extra parts and some darts with no charge. Thank you guys for helping me fix and tune the blaster!

Steve M.
Great but expensive UK

Can't fault the pack it has everything you need including the grease,SCAR,2 versions of the ram rod, which other companies selling this charge extra for. This is my first 3d printed blaster so I was surprised by how well all pieces went together with no cleanup etc. The only bit I used some wire wool was to smooth the barrel ends out so they didn't cut the O-Rings.
Would be good to add an option to see your colour changes before ordering on the website too so you can see your end colour choices. =0)

My only gripe with this is (obvs not O.O.D. fault) it cost me £234! That's the no extras version.
£153.00 for the gun
£40 for the postage & another £40 customs!!

Pretty good email support whenever I had any questions when buying & on the build.

A Slam Dunk of a Purchase

This is an extremely fun blaster for both plinking and wars, and one of the absolute best beginner's builds, sans Lynx. I have no experience with tinkering or assembly and even I was able to get this thing up within one day. There is only one thing that I can complain about, and that is the fact that Out of Darts does not sell springs separately, but other than that, I have no complaints.
I look forward to future kits like the Cynthia and SillyAEB. Well done.