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Worker 15-Degree 4x3 CNC BCAR

Worker 15-Degree 4x3 CNC BCAR

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The Worker 15-Degree 4x3 CNC BCAR is a rifling attachment designed for the Worker Harrier, but it's an easy addition to many high-powered springer loadouts. Featuring four ranks of three bearings in an anodized aluminum housing, this BCAR is compatible with most 16mm OD  barrels. 

• 15-degree, 12-bearing BCAR
• 4 ranks of 3 bearings
• CNC aluminum housing with an anodized finish

• Lower resistance on darts than other rifling attachments
• Universal fit: Compatible with Harrier and other blasters with an exposed 16mm OD barrel

• 1 Worker CNC BCAR

• Twist Angle: 15-Degree
• Twist Rate: Standard
 Lines: 4
 Rows: 3
• Total Bearings: 12
Material: Aluminum alloy and acetal / CNC Finishing and light curing
• Dimensions: 73mm x 30mm
• Weight: 67g
• SKU: W0630

Worker Harrier
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• More Rifling Attachments

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Jordan C.
Twist it up

Hey this BCAR is a noticeable accuracy upgrade for the Harrier and worth the money. As other reviewers mentioned, I did put a wrap of tape on the barrel to snug it up, but I expected that thanks to the other reviewers. Aaaaaand looks amazing on the 450mm barrel.

Just Excellent!

Did business with them for a holiday gift for a friend. They walked me through everything and were super helpful!

Crow F.
Effective BCAR

Good, tight muzzle fit. No "woosh" sound like the more hollow BCAR designs, but that is a preference rather than performance assessment. Works like a good BCAR should to increase accuracy vs. no muzzle attachment.

Martin J.
Great BCAR

Accurate shots and it doesn't wear down my darts as much as string

Michael O.
A fine, quality product

I'm not super familiar with SCARs or BCARs so I wanted to pick up a BCAR after playing around with the full-plastic SCAR that came with the Seagull. It shipped quickly and in great condition. It was a little tough to get it on the barrel, but I suspect it's the same as if you got it for the Harrier (since I assume the barrel diameters are the same). Once I managed to get it on the blaster, it worked great.