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Worker Smooth Flywheel (Pair)

Worker Smooth Flywheel (Pair)

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The Worker 425 Smooth Flywheels are compatible with the Worker 425 Flat Flywheel Cage and have a smooth design to create a consistent velocity.  Improve your FPS with this pair of flywheels.

• Upgrade in FPS
• High grip on darts
• Good wheels for most motors

• Material: POM Plastic
• CNC machined/lathed wheels
• Weight: 13.7g
• SKU: W0403

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Justus C.
Great wheels, great price!

These wheels are good quality, and they fit in a 42.5mm worker cage just fine! I'm excited to use these on the battle field! Thanks, Luke!

Ziah R.
Great flywheels for high crush!

I used these in my 41.5 mm stryfe with kraken motors, and it shoots laser beams, and is pinpoint accurate around 50 ft. I managed to tag someone’s feet that was sticking out about 2 inches from a box while they were taking cover about 40 feet
away, with only 3 shots. Will be using these in my future spectrum build as well.

Luke S.

Worker Smooth Flywheel (Pair)

Conner S.
Never failed me.

These are easily the most consistent wheels I’ve ever used. The FPS variation is extremely low in my experience, and in both a high and low crush system the injection is smooth and they launch well. Mileage may vary but I can’t recommend these enough for a simple and reliable build.

James R.
Good accuracy for low power setups

I installed these in a 42.5mm cage in a gryphon pistol running fang ReVamps on 2S. It shoots DZ Max darts somewhere between 110 and 120 very handily and quite accurately.

Very good for low power builds (anything under 150) like hvz or cqb.