Worker Smooth Flywheel (Pair)
Worker Smooth Flywheel (Pair)
Worker Smooth Flywheel (Pair)
Worker Smooth Flywheel (Pair)
Worker Smooth Flywheel (Pair)

Worker Smooth Flywheel (Pair)

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The Worker 425 Smooth Flywheels are compatible with the Worker 425 Flat Flywheel Cage and have a smooth design to create a consistent velocity.  Improve your FPS with this pair of flywheels.

• Upgrade in FPS
• High grip on darts
• Good wheels for most motors

• Material: POM Plastic
• CNC machined/lathed wheels
• Weight: 13.7g
• SKU: W0403

Customer Reviews

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Dustin (.
Perfect for my use

Works fantastic in my matrixfire masterkey

Joshua M.

These are a great pair of flywheels. I rewired my Stryfe with the Meishel 2.0 130 2s motors, and with these flywheels, it hits hard! It is worth noting that I had to grind significant portions of the original flywheel cage out for them to fit, as well as popping the front of the blaster slightly. Other than that, these are wonderful flywheels!

Big wheels = big performance

Not sure of the specific issues with the wheels other reviewers have left, but these wheels are awesome. U will need a shell that has good clearance and no shell rubbing. 1 reviewer said the wheel melted. Sounds like a motor overhearing issue. Regardless, most of the issues sound like the wheels were rubbing on something. These wheels can produce daybreak type performance at a little over half the cost. I prefer daybreaks, but sometimes I also prefer $9 flywheels that spank! Pair these with FRV or krakens or something with some torque.

Harry D.
Did not fit

Did not fit on my Mieshel 2.0's, I could of gotten faulty ones, but I would say you should probably get higher quality ones. It may also just be my motors. Overall, I had a bad experience, and would not recommend, but you could try it if you need a cheap wheel.

Too big

I tried these with a 42.5 mm cage. DO NOT USE WITH 42.5 CAGE. USE 43 mm CAGE. These are too big to have darts go through. I recommend the 43 mm.