Worker Smooth Flywheel (Pair)
Worker Smooth Flywheel (Pair)
Worker Smooth Flywheel (Pair)
Worker Smooth Flywheel (Pair)
Worker Smooth Flywheel (Pair)

Worker Smooth Flywheel (Pair)

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The Worker 425 Smooth Flywheels are compatible with the Worker 425 Flat Flywheel Cage and have a smooth design to create a consistent velocity.  Improve your FPS with this pair of flywheels.

• Upgrade in FPS
• High grip on darts
• Good wheels for most motors

• Material: POM Plastic
• CNC machined/lathed wheels
• Weight: 13.7g
• SKU: W0403

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Harry D.
Did not fit

Did not fit on my Mieshel 2.0's, I could of gotten faulty ones, but I would say you should probably get higher quality ones. It may also just be my motors. Overall, I had a bad experience, and would not recommend, but you could try it if you need a cheap wheel.

Too big

I tried these with a 42.5 mm cage. DO NOT USE WITH 42.5 CAGE. USE 43 mm CAGE. These are too big to have darts go through. I recommend the 43 mm.

Nathan Brotzman

Recently install these wheels on a turbine modification with M TB neo rhino motors And stock cage. After 600 darts The blaster started making a screeching noise disassembled to see what was going on and found that these wheels had completely melted on to the motor shafts. Due to this not sure what to think of these wheels. I have 2 more pairs of these wheels one brand new and 1 on the clear 435 worker cage with M TB neo hellcat 180 Motors. I have that mounted onto a soon to be nerf battle tank remote controlled. Initial testing with that cage and motor combination with those wheels has only Put 30 darts through it. So now I am considering getting different wheels for it as I do not believe it will stand up to those motors

Jacob S.
Best Budget Wheel

Here's what I learned about these wheels. They have a slightly larger outer diameter than Cyclones. They do fit in OFP cages, but not Containment Crew cages. They are not metal, nor a metalic plastic (as the worker site led me to beleive.) The weight listed in OOD's description is their combined weight without packaging, each wheel is really around 6.5g (so a tad lighter than Bulldogs.) I decided to buy these after a lot of research. I wanted something affordable. After having seen the dart wear from the worker clear wheels I didn't want those and instead wanted something smooth. I considered Bulldogs, but they were still a little more pricey than I was looking for. I looked at these wheels and tried to find more information on them and couldn't find hardly anything. So after buying them and finding I really like them I had to let ya'll know what I learned. These are a great alternative to the pricier wheels with the same quality and only slighly less ballance. Definately worth the extra $2 over the clear wheels if you are on a budget.

Nice Wheels

I paired these with the Worker Ti cage and have no issues on my 3S Swordfish. Nice wheels for the money..