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Worker Flywheel Cage Hyperfire and Modulus Regulator CLOSEOUT

Worker Flywheel Cage Hyperfire and Modulus Regulator CLOSEOUT

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Newly released worker flywheel cage. Compatible ONLY with the Modulus Regulator and the Hyperfire.

This a canted cage in Pink color. *Flywheels are not included. This cage ONLY works with the blue worker flywheels due to sizing.

• High quality machining
• Quieter flywheel sound
• 43.5mm Spacing

• Material: CNC aluminum
• Weight: 104.9 g
• SKU: W0211

 Compatible Wheels
 Cage screws not included, available here

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
John R.
Awsome cage.

Dropped right into the Modulus Regulator. Paired with the knurled metal wheels this thing now launches waffle tips at 130 fps like lazers.

Larry T.
My Regulator thanks you

My Regulator is happy now. Perfect cage, uses the same **** holes. I didn't even have to cut off the gray front cage holder inside the Regulator, just trimmed a small part internally of that cage holder and it fit perfectly. This blaster is singing songs of foam-flung destruction now!

Margaretha H.
Still waiting

I am sorry to tell you we haven`t received our parcel yet. The order has been stuck at Vienna airport since December 13.

Brell C.
Worker Flywheel Cage for Nerf Regulator

Amazing quality but requires some fairly moderate shell cutting. I didn’t cut completely though the outside but had to shave/sand/trim many areas to get the cage to sit perfect. Not a cage for beginners. Once properly installed I was able to hit 200+ using Kepler wheels and an upgraded select fire kit with Neo Rhino motors. I used the highest crush they make and darts would only last 3-5 shots before the heads tore off or the foam ripped somehow. Well worth the money and I can’t wait to try in a hyperfire.