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Worker Rival 15-Round Magazine (Juno + Apollo)

Worker Rival 15-Round Magazine (Juno + Apollo)

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While it may be rated 15, in Luke's testing 16 also seems to fit just fine. The build quality is fantastic.

• Compatible with Juno! 
NOT compatible with Jupiter (sorry)!
• Works with the Apollo, NOT compatible with other blasters due to depth
• Compatible with Rival Rounds

• Material: ABS Plastic
• Weight: 229g
• SKU: W0435

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Raymond B.
Not Useable

This mag doesn't fit most of my Rival blasters. I've tried a lot, old and new. There is also a design flaw that causes the ball release to get jammed in the open position. This also ocurred with the replacement OOD sent me, so it's not an isolated issue. This is only useful for the Juno blaster, and only after I created a retrofit to resolve the ball release issue.

Sturdy Magazine

Works, fits my Juno and Pathfinder. Feels well made compared to Nerf magazines.


Thicc! Is compatible with Apollo, I tested it. Does not have strong grip on ammo, after loading fully, some might pop out the top. Overall ok though! They gave me a sticker!

Zachary M.
Solidly built, capacity lower than advertised.

The magazine has great build quality and has very thick walls. Only problem I had is that while it holds 15 or even 16 balls, the last couple tend to slip past the retention nub giving it an effective capacity of only 14 or so. This was more of a problem with accu-rivals which are smoother but happened with normal rounds as well.

Nathan T.

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