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Worker Harrier/Seagull Threaded Barrels (multiple length options)

Worker Harrier/Seagull Threaded Barrels (multiple length options)

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The Worker Harrier/Seagull Threaded Barrels are great CNC aluminum barrel offerings. Designed for the Worker Harrier and Seagull, these barrels are also compatible with select other blasters with a threaded breech, allowing toolless barrel swaps for easier performance tuning. Now available in four sizes: 310, 370, 450, and 550mm.

• CNC machined aluminum barrel
• Threaded end for blasters with a M16 fine thread breech
• Available in dark gray anodizing with matte finish*
• Designed for the Worker Harrier and Seagull
• Also compatible with Inverted Scales 2.0 "Super" (with the metal magwell installed)
• Not compatible with XYL Unicorn due to matte finish on threads
• 450mm and 550mm recommended for Worker Harrier only

*Note: Anodized finishes can wear off in blasters with return springs or bearing-assisted primes.

• 1 Worker barrel in the length of your choice

Average FPS (Standard Deviation)
• 370mm barrel: 225 (4) with Seagull and OOD High Power Spring
• 450mm barrel: 286 (4) with Harrier and Worker 1.6 x 300mm Spring

• Material: Anodized Aluminum
• Dimensions:
     ID: 13mm
     OD: 16mm
     Lengths: 210-550mm 
• Weight: varies
• SKU: varies

• Harrier Blaster
1.6 x 250mm Spring
1.6 x 300mm Spring
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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Ronald D.
Fantastic quality

I got the 550 barrel and I meant to get the 450, but I still love the look. The scar fits better than on the stock barrels(they weren't as loose as a lot of people's but still the 550 fit a little more snug) I love the aesthetic, to performance is similar to the included long barrel as far as fps goes. But as far quality on these barrels, it's bar none. And it arrived with my harrier very quickly, maybe 3 days and in perfect condition. OOD is my favorite place to get my blasters and mods, always good customer service and good quality. Have had problems elsewhere. If they have what I need, they get my money before anyone else.


Great add on to my harrier, it looks so cool now



Lance T.
Broke the fps cap

Shot over 250fps with this, love the look it has!

Nice quality barrels

Bought the 450mm and the 550mm barrels and they both fit my Harrier with ease. The 550mm is one long boi. I may get the barrel shroud to complete the "sniper status" look :)

And the package arrived on time so overall, great service all around.