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X Shot Longshot Pro Aluminum Plunger Tube with O-Rings

X Shot Longshot Pro Aluminum Plunger Tube with O-Rings

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This aluminum plunger tube for the X-Shot Skins Pro Longshot is a drop-in replacement for the stock plunger tube. The X-Shot Pro Longshot is the newest choice of blaster for entry-level hobbyists, but the stock plunger tube tends to crack due to its material and wall thickness. This metal replacement plunger tube eliminates this problem and makes the blaster much more robust and reliable. Upgrade O-rings are included to improve the seal.

UPDATE 2/2024: We have been made aware of a silent update to the stock plunger tube wall thickness. This metal plunger tube is still 100% compatible with the updated version of the blaster and performs at the new stock average of 159 FPS, with the upgrade O-rings.

Note: Upgraded plunger and O-rings require lubrication to function properly

• Durable aluminum upgrade
• Includes upgrade O-rings

• Material: Aluminum

Slug Slym
3D-Printed Barrel Collet + PCAR
X-Shot Longshot Compatibility Guide

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3D printed parts should not be left inside hot cars or excessively hot environments.

Customer Reviews

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Jacob B.
O ring for plunger tube - inner diameter too loose

With a k25+ spring, this plunger tube turned my Longshot pro into a high fps contender, and compared to the stock plunger O rings, the increased OD of the included O ring is necessary for a good seal inside the new aluminum plunger tube, however…the ID of the included O ring is visibly much too wide to seat in the recess on the plunger.

When the plunger, O ring, and plunger tube are assembled together, the plunger tube kinda holds the O ring sufficiently tightly against the plunger, but it’s a finicky seal, with a lot of shots sounding much louder than normal, with accompanying fps drop, as the poorly sealed plunger crashes through the tube and into the turnaround.

I’m not sure this is OOD’s fault, as my use of lithium grease might have expanded the included O ring, but I really haven’t put too many shots through it with this setup, and I’m left trying to source some reliable, appropriately sized O rings to replace the one that came with this plunger tube.

Hi Jacob,
Thanks for the feedback. In our testing these have fit quite well using either silicone lubricant (Slug Slyme) or superlube. We don't recommend white lithium grease at this time.


It's an aluminum tube and o-rings. Nothing bad happened shipping-wise, and it works just fine. Now I can use my current favorite blaster again until I get bored of it or get attached to a new one.

jason l.
Works great

Works great so far and looks better than the factory plastic plunger tube. Make sure you lubricate everything well. I did have issues with the smaller dart pusher o ring and decided not to use it as it was getting stuck. I did wrap a small amount of pipe tape around the main plunger before installing the larger o ring and it seats better but not necessary.

Jordan C.
Easy recommend

I have two XSLS's and one of the plunger tubes cracked fairly quickly -- I replaced both of the tubes with these metal ones in conjunction with spring/barrel upgrades and it was very easy and painless, it's the perfect size/fit. And it looks so much better too without adding any real weight to the blaster. You should stock red too, Luke!

Marcus S.
Works as expected, looks nice too!

Our tube broke, replaced it with this one. Works as expected and looks nice.