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Worker Hurricane Blaster (Semi-Auto, 3 color options) ON SALE!*

Worker Hurricane Blaster (Semi-Auto, 3 color options) ON SALE!*

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PLEASE NOTE: Blasters can only be shipped within the United States or Canada, we are no longer able to ship blasters to international customers.

The Worker Hurricane Blaster is a tiny semi-automatic design that has a six-shot regular sized dart revolving cylinder.  An easy to clip on dart clip makes it a fun addition to your battle arsenal. Featuring a sci-fi look that can fit in your pocket at an affordable price. 

• Small nearly back pocket-sized
• Semi-Automatic
• Compatible with regular full-length darts
• Uses IMR/IFR 14500 cells, or a re-wire to LiPo (Not included but linked below)


• Material:ABS
• Package Weight: 379g
• Dimensions: 20 x 19 x 6cm
• SKUW0370

• Hurricane parts + accessories
• Basic 14500 IMR Batteries (no modding required)
• Basic Charger for 14500 IMR cells
• HIGH POWER BATTERY: LiPo Battery upgrade (requires a re-wire)

 Grip Extension

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Michael W.
Love This!

This is honestly just what I expected it to be. The video that out of darts has on their youtube does a good job of covering all of the details of the blaster as well as its performance. I will say that the difference between normal AA batteries and the rechargeable ones that are recommended is significant and I can only imagine what a difference it would be to mod it out with a better battery. I have some cheap chinese darts that have plastic tips instead of rubber and those ones jam with normal batteries but not with the rechargeable ones.

Robert R.R.

Worker Hurricane Blaster (Semi-Auto, 3 color options) ON SALE!*

Andrew S.
Fun blaster

First electric motor blaster, fairly powerful and lots of fun.

Warning, dont shoot it sideways, the dart and the rollers will get stuck and shred your dart heads.

An V.
Palm-sized fun (got Red Color, #619/999)

Shipping on for this product was smooth and fast.
However the shipping price caught me a little off guard. I live in the same state that OOD is based in and yet the cheapest shipping option costed me ~$15 (2-3 business days). I hope Out of Darts implements a shipping cost estimator on all of their product pages, as well as offer cheaper - even if slower - shipping options and try to find a cheaper but still reliable shipper like GoShippo or PirateShip. Even at a subtotal of $40 USD, I was still happy after I started blasting.

This review will consist of things I found that weren’t mentioned in any of the YouTube reviews I saw for this product, as well as in completely stock form. First thing I’ll mentioned is that you should definitely use high voltage 14500 AAs like the recommended Coolook LFP batteries. Using standard AAs - like the instructions say in broken English - you’ll get abysmal performance.
Performance for me with the recommended 2 Coolooks was around 75-110 FPS depending on how fast I shot it. Accuracy was pretty good for a “stock” flywheeler; TLDR this thing performs very similar to a stock AF x DZ Spectrum. The hurricane seems pickier with darts and dart condition than standard stock Nerf or DZ flywheelers, but I don’t think it’s as picky as the highly modded and highly tuned flywheelers that people build themselves.
Using reasonable condition darts I was able to feed pretty consistently with no jams. I personally preferred using either of the DZ waffle-head darts for this blaster. Trigger pull is a little strange and kinda heavy but not too bad. My finger only started straining after around ~350 shots, which for a semi-auto flywheeler is not good but I don’t see many situations where you’d fire more than a 100 shots in a short amount of time. The trigger pull and cylinder rotation for my unit seems somewhat creaky and I haven’t opened it apart to lube it yet or see whats causing it.
Whether or not this is battle effective as a side arm depends on what you’re using it for. Regardless of what role you use it for though, I recommend you buy the extra cylinder magazines and/or the box mag adapter, both of which OOD sells. I have a review as well as a link to another YouTube video on the OOD product page for the box magazine adapter.
As a personal note I think the red colorway is beautiful and I wished to some extent that it wasn’t limited so resell of these in the future would be cheaper for people who want this color.

Overall this thing is very funky and fun. I haven’t modded mine yet but I can see with a LiPo mod and some tweaks to the box magazine adapter this thing can be a monster of a compact pistol.
As for value it was ~$25 initially but even after the $40 post-shipping subtotal I still think it was worth it for me. Admittedly I was skeptical of paying $40 for a stock flywheeler but after plinking with it my mind changed. I can’t say this is a budget attractive option considering shipping and battery / battery charger costs compared to off the shelf Dart Zone products. But if you got the money, already have 14500 batteries and/or can get it with a lower delivery cost (such as local pick up), I would definitely go for it.

P.S OOD please try out GoShippo or Pirate Ship. Your shipping costs are one of the limited complaints I have with shopping your otherwise excellent store

Fun little guy

Get it!