Dartzone Pro MK3 3S Mod Kit
Dartzone Pro MK3 3S Mod Kit
Dartzone Pro MK3 3S Mod Kit
Dartzone Pro MK3 3S Mod Kit
Dartzone Pro MK3 3S Mod Kit
Dartzone Pro MK3 3S Mod Kit

Dartzone Pro MK3 3S Mod Kit

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The Dartzone Pro MK3 is a very solid blaster. We couldn't help ourselves, however, in upgrading it. This kit features two Kraken motors for the flywheels, a custom cage designed by Luke for the MK3, and a pair of Daybreak flywheels. This kit includes the components needed to create a modular cage system with an XT-60 connector. Add the other half to your stock cage and you can swap your cages easily! FPS ratings for all cage options coming soon! 

Battery, charger and LiPo alarm are optional add-ons.  LiPo Battery add-on can only be shipped by ground to the continental USA.  

• Designed by Luke
• Increased spin-up time
• Variable FPS ratings depending on cage selection
• Simple upgrade just re-solder motors and install new cage

• 39mm - 162 / 5 / AF Pro Short
• 39mm - 180 / 6 / AF Pro Full Length
40mm - 155 / 3.8 / AF Pro Short
• 40mm - 177 / 4.7 / AF Pro Full Length
• 41mm - 143 / 2 / AF Pro Short
• 41mm - 182 / 3 / AF Pro Full Length
• 42mm - 111 / 4.9 / AF Pro Short
• 42mm - 155 / 8.1 / AF Pro Full Length

 *All readings are 20-shot average with Caldwell G2 with lighting kit

• 1x - OOD MK3 Pro Cage (41mm spacing recommended)
• 2x - Kraken 130 Motors
• 1x - Daybreak flywheels (pair
• 4x - motor screws
• 1x - Motor Span Board for easy soldering
• 1x - XT-60U mountable connector for easy cage swapping
• 1x - XT-60 Male/Female for modular cage swap
• 1x - Small Heat Shrink Wrap cut to 6"
• 1x - Large Heat Shrink Wrap cut to 1"
• 2x - 3D Printed Motor Cage Spacers

• No wire required Blaster comes with 16AWG! 

Graphene 3s 950mAh LiPo + LiPo Bag + LiPo Alarm
• Charger

• Material: 3D Printed PLA plastic (cage)

 Dart Zone Mk3 Mod Parts


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ryan Assini
Best flywheel kit out there

I honestly can't imagine buying flywheel parts outside of this kit again. A pair of Krakens and Daybreaks individually is already $31, but then you get a motor board, cage, screws and XT60? This is a no brainer honestly. And Luke, feel free to redact the rest of this review, but I asked them to switch the MKIII cage with a demolisher one and they did it at no extra charge. Would give more than five stars if I could.

Great Kit!

As an experienced modder it was nice to get this, soldering board makes it so simple to install, and the fps results are great.

Andrew Hunsinger
Excellent product and amazing service.

Everything about this product was great from the very start. The product was packaged and shipped to my house in only a few days and I live on the other side of the country than the shop. The MK3 3S MOD KIT was easy and fun to install and the performance was awsome. Can't recommend this product enough. Very pleased.

Michael McFarland
Great kit!

Purchased this kit. Super easy mod, all parts fit well and using the video walk through, the steps were simple and straight-forward...

Arvin Talavera
Awesome kit!

comes with everything you need (outside of tools & solder) to upgrade the DZP mk3. Highly recommended!

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