Nerf Pro Stryfe X - The Ultimate Compatiblity Guide

Nerf Pro Stryfe X - The Ultimate Compatiblity Guide

The Nerf Pro Stryfe X was Hasbro's first foray into the Super-Stock flywheeler category. It was first released in 2023 and is exclusively sold on Amazon.

Nerf Pro Stryfe X Semi-Auto Half-Length Dart Blaster

The Stryfe X performs with an average of 153 FPS and a standard deviation of 4 FPS in its unmodified form.

Check out our YouTube video for more thoughts on this blaster!

Below is a list of compatible and recommended mod parts, accessories and tactical gear for the Stryfe X. If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to us via email!

Darts + Ammo

 Standard-Weight Short Darts


• 15-Round Straight Talon Magazines
• 23-Round OOD Koda Magazines
• 29-Round OOD Tachi Magazines


• Fixed Stock 
 Adjustable Stock 
 Lightweight Stock 
 N-Strike to Buffer Tube Adapter*
*The tolerances on the Buffer Tube Adapter are tighter than other N-Strike stocks. This stock adapter may be more difficult to remove on the Stryfe X.

Rails + Rail Accessories 

Stryfe X Picatinny Rail Adapter Set
Foregrips + Pump Grips*
Sights + Optics*
• Little Rocket Platform
• Herja Mountable Sidecar Blaster*
*All rail accessories require the Rail Adapter Set to install properly.

Slings + Sling Points

• Picatinny Sling Point*
• Magpul-Style Sling  
• Quick Release Sling 
*The Picatinny Sling Point requires the Rail Adapter Set to install properly.

Batteries + Chargers (Compatible options coming soon!)

• 3D-Printed LiPo Battery Door (coming soon)
• Check back soon for compatible battery upgrades!

• LiPo Starter Pack
• LiPo Alarm
 LiPo Charger

More Mod Parts + Products

3D-Printed Dual Magazine Release
 3D-Printed Flared Magwell
 3D-Printed LiPo Battery Door (coming soon)

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