Worker Seagull - The Ultimate Compatibility Guide

Worker Seagull - The Ultimate Compatibility Guide

The Worker Seagull is a super-stock springer. It was first released in 2023 and is sold on the shop here at Out of Darts.

Worker Seagull CQB Blaster

The Seagull performs with an average of 152 FPS and a standard deviation of 9 FPS using the shortest barrel and lightest spring included in the box. It also performs with an average of 184 FPS with a standard deviation of 6 using the longest barrel and strongest spring included in the box. Check the performance chart below for our barrel and spring recommendations.

Check out our YouTube video for more thoughts on this blaster!

Below is a list of compatible and recommended mod parts, accessories and tactical gear for the Seagull. If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to us via email!

Darts + Ammo

 Standard-Weight Short Darts

Magazines + Adapters

• 15-Round Straight Talon Magazines
15-Round Curved "Dragon Claw" Magazines
23-Round OOD Koda Magazines
• 29-Round OOD Tachi Magazines


• Magpul-Style Stock  
• Premium Stock  
• SBR Stock

Springs + Spring Spacers

1.6 x 250mm Spring
1.6 x 300mm Spring
High Power Spring
OOD Low Power Spring

Barrels + Barrel Attachments

Unicorn 290mm Barrel
370mm Barrel
450mm Barrel
 Rifling Attachments

Rails + Rail Accessories 

• Vertical Foregrip 
Unicorn Foregrip
• More Foregrips + Pump Grips
Sights + Optics
• Little Rocket Platform
• Herja Mountable Sidecar Blaster 

Slings + Sling Points

• Picatinny Sling Point
• Magpul-Style Sling  
• Quick Release Sling 

More Mod Parts + Products

• Bushing-Assisted Prime Slide  
• SABRE Metal Plunger
• SABRE Metal Bearing Catch

 SABRE Metal Mag Release 
SABRE Metal Priming Block

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